Fast Lane Ventures appoints one of the most renowned managers in Russia

Fast Lane Ventures, the leading developer of internet companies, is pleased to announce the appointment of Jere Calmes to the position of Managing Director. Jere played a significant part in the development of Vimpelcom and pharmacy chain 36.6, making him one of the most well recognized, influential managers in Russia’s business network. As Managing Director of Fast lane Ventures, Jere will be responsible for the operational performance of the portfolio companies, helping lead them to achieving their business objectives. 

Jere Calmes has more than 15 years of experience in business management. He graduated from Bates College, USA, having studied Economics, Political Sciences and Russian Language. In 1992 he came to Russia to become one of the 1st members of Vimpelcom’s team, later becoming Vice President and First Deputy General Director of the company. Since then, Jere has been working for telecommunication and retail companies in such countries as Italy, UK, Egypt and others. After this he was head of the largest pharmacy chain in Russia, 36.6. In 2010 Jere became a Managing Director of Adva Capital. He also is a member of the Board of Directors of Tele2, an international telecommunication company. 

Marina Treshchova, CEO of Fast lane Ventures, commented; “We are delighted to have Jere join our team here at Fast Lane Ventures. Our Company is growing very fast, having launched 19 companies and employing 700 people in the last two years, and Jere has a wealth of experience with fast growing, innovative companies like ours. We plan to continue to grow at this pace, with new startups ahead and so needed to hire someone who would be working specifically on operational efficiency. Jere was exactly the type of person we were looking for and is going to help us lead these projects to great success.” 

Jere Calmes has always had a huge interest in the unique business model of Fast Lane Ventures, who acts as both an investment and operational partner to its portfolio companies. He said; ”Fast Lane Ventures is constantly changing the retail market in Russia, launching new services in various market segments and opening new opportunities for customers. At present, we are working on more than 20 projects, most of those are already in operation, and some are still in the pipeline. I am proud to join the management team of such a successful company”

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