Relevant Media

Relevant Media is the leading Russian internet media company in the area of professional “how to” and Q&A content. Authors produce hundreds of articles every day and share their experience, answering to the most popular questions.

Relevant Media is an innovative media startup company aimed at satisfying user searches within the “how to” content for all situations. The site analyses popular search requests from Yandex and Google users and creates qualitative and informative content on that basis.

Topics on the site are grouped according to their relevance, many containing information that will always be relevant– for example, “how to obtain a loan”, “how to cook a pizza” or “how to tie a tie”. These texts appear place on the sites of the company (for example, and partner sites which provides for constant inflow of visitors. After some time, these articles – owing to their relevance and quality – reach the top of search engine results and allow users to receive the fast and professional answers to their questions.

The Company keeps its content up to date and comprehensive by working with a considerable number of freelance copywriters, who constantly provide it with qualitative content on designated topics. Authors choose topics from the list of free tasks and independently regulate rates and volumes of their work done. All texts automatically go through plagiarism tests and only after that the portal editors manually check the texts against the requirements list, literacy, “readability” and actual accuracy.

RelevantMedia was launched in January 2011 and just one year later it was ranked among the largest internet media companies in Russia, and its key site – – was ranked among top 30 sites according to In December 2011, almost 8 million unique visitors were using RM’s content on its own or partner sites.  Monthly, visitors are currently increasing by more than 40%. Thus, the RM audience is completely organic, i.e. the Company does not buy external traffic for its platforms.

In just one year, the number of registered posters exceeded 3,000 persons, and the number of texts processed daily can exceed 800.

The General Director of the Company is Andrey Kuzeev. He is a graduate of the State University of Management, with a degree in Marketing, and he has extensive experience in the advertising and media sphere. In 2006, after having worked for some years as an analytical department head at Market-Visio Agency and IBS Company, Andrey transferred to a nascent company, SUP Fabrik, where at first he supervised over the analytics and later over business development and large commercial partners (Microsoft, Yota). After that he was employed with an interactive advertising agency Jvision where he was in charge of strategy development for key clients (Jaguar, LandRover, MegaFon) and implementation of challenging interactive advertising projects.


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