This online social network allows registered users to create idea collections arranged in thematic categories. The visually evocative site integrates the functionality of image banks, social networks and bookmark folders. is a cutting-edge social network that allows users to create online collections of ideas and organize them in various thematic categories. Put another way, it allows them to create “blogs in pictures.”

This visual-driven social network is an online bulletin board where users can pin image and video data culled from the internet. They can group materials by themes, unite them on the principle of common interests, browse pictures pinned by other users and copy the images they like onto their own profiles. Images added from the internet link directly to their source, thus sending traffic to the original site and enabling users to treat as a type of Favorites folder in which to create a bright and vivid collection of ideas, wishlists and more. is a place to explore ideas, pursue hobbies, discover new interests and find tips on everything from health maintenance to home improvement. It is a place to share thoughts and collections, tastes and concerns. It is even a place to exhibit your own products in a “showcase” section specially designated for handmade jewellery, clothes, décor and design items.

The site was launched on 1 December 2012. Within the first six months, more than 400,000 users registered on the site, downloading more than 400,000 images per week. The number of page views (PVs) has already reached an impressive 40 million per month. By 2013, plans to reach maximum recognition among the Russian population.

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