IQcard offers prepaid VISA and Mastercard cards for customers without the need to open a bank account.

IQcard is a contemporary prepaid bank card, that provides convenient and secure services for individuals and businesses. It features  a number of unique services that enable customers to plan and control their finances.

The company’s mission is to help people manage their money more effectively with the help of clear and accessible financial products and services.

One of the goals of the Company is to simplify the process of financial management, in order to increase the financial awareness of customers. Through a convenient and friendly interface, customers can observe the dynamics of their spending patterns, while also tracking where exactly they are spending their money using a visual graphical reporting system.

With IQcard, clients can plan their family budget, retain parental control on a child’s first card and teach them financial awareness, make safer internet purchases, spend safely while traveling abroad, pay for a wide range of goods and services, send money transfers, obtain a loan and participate in a variety of bonus and coupon programs.

Maria Lichmanova, CEO of IQcard, has 12 years’ experience in banking, business development and project management. Maria has implemented projects for business process optimization, mergers and acquisitions of subsidiaries in the company structure. Maria also implemented a number of successful start-up projects.

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