Pinme.ru accelerates its advancement in the Russian market

The social network Pinme.ru, an online social service that features idea collections, created and arranged in thematic categories by the registered users, reports the growth of its monthly audience to 4.5 million unique users within the five months since its launch on 1 December 2012.

During this period, the website registered over 250,000 members who visit about 30 million web pages per month. Within the last two months the website audience has increased by nearly 20 times. About 500,000 users have enjoyed exploring the website through mobile internet and in mid-June a separate application for mobile phones will also be launched.

The rapid growth of the website’s audience is the result of high quality content and collaboration with famous services like kupivip.ru, livemaster.ru, wmj.ru and aif.ru.In addition, the website’s audience is highly active with users uploading approximately 200,000 images per week. Due to the effective invitation system the network is continuing to run smoothly despite the accelerating traffic.

The Pinme.ru business model is based on the American online service, pinterest.com, which is listed in Top 20 American and Top 50 global online resources. According to experts, in April 2012, the value of pinterest.com exceeded $1 billion, whereas the total investment volume was $37.5 million.

As reported by Alexa.com, Pinme.ru exceeded both its Russian and international rivals futubra.com and pinspire.com. Pinme.ru also overtook professionali.ru (based on the LinkedIn model), a popular social network in Runet.

Sasha Danilov, CEO of Pinme.ru, is aiming to keep up the pace of growth and, in the near future, further strengthen its position comparative to both international and Runet peers.

Pinme.ru users can upload or pin images, videos and other website links on their profile, arrange them thematically and share with others. To register on the website, one has to receive an invitation and be a member of another social network such as Facebook, VKontakte, Twitter or Odnoklassniki.

The majority of Pinme.ru users are females, 84.6% (males –15.4%), in total 30.1% are 18 years old, 37.6% are 19-25 year old and 27.1% are 26-40 years old. The predominant themes are travel, fashion, food and beverages. With access to users’profiles from other social networks, Pinme.ru has an accurate picture of the various social demographics of its growing audience.

Sasha Danilov, CEO of Pinme.ru says: “Since the launch of Pinme.ru, we have targeted a very ambitious objective, to raise awareness across ninety per cent of Russia’s internet users by 2013. We are aiming to develop a new popular trend in Runet, opening a fresh source in which people can channel their inspiration and search for new ideas. We strongly believe that on the back of the company’s development and its growing popularity with its users, that our objective is more than obtainable in the near future.”

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