Pinme.ru, the online Russian pinboard service, has launched today

Pinme.ru is a new Russian online social network site which allows users to share with others any ideas and organise various stories by theme.  The Russian site uniquely addresses various user interests by allowing them to pin images and videos they find interesting on the internet and arrange them by category.  The website platform acts as an online pinboard where users can attach anything that catches their eye.

The pinboard takes the form of a series of lists on different interesting topics, created by users adding their own imaging and content, which they can then share with friends and comment upon.  Every image is linked to the original source; therefore, the reverse traffic flow is likely to increase.  The registered users will be able to follow all other accounts as well as network updates and re-pin any image they like onto their own pinboard.

A highly skilled team of internet developers, chaired by CEO Sasha Danilov, have been working on the Pinme.ru project. Sasha has launched a number of successful internet start-up businesses and built the sales department of a Russian leading social network service Odnoklassniki.ru from scratch and lead it to prosperity.

Sasha commented: “Pinme.ru is an ambitious start-up, demonstrating extremely high potential. It is expected to be popular among 90 percent of the Russian audience by 2013. This is more than just another social networking website, Pinme.ru introduces a new trend, which will inspire people to look for original ideas with the portal’s slogan being – Pinme.ru is your new world in pictures.”

Pinme.ru is based on the business model of Pinterest.com which is globally ranked 327th by its number of visitors and 55th in the US (according to Alexa.com).  Its Founder, Ben Silberman, claims Pinterest.com is set to be one of the fastest growing businesses ever built online. In November 2011 it has already demonstrated up to 2.5 billion shows, whereas the number of pin uploads has multiplied over 500 times from March to November this year.  To date, the total investment attracted to the company is $49 million, with estimated capitalization being $200 million. The project’s Facebook page enjoys over 2 million likes and was launched in March 2010.

Marina Treshchova, CEO of Fast Lane Ventures the operational partner of Pinme.ru, commented: “I am very enthusiastic about the future of this exciting Russian project. I am confident Pinme.ru has every chance to overtake Pininterest.com in figures due to the Russian internet dynamic growth.”

The Pinme.ru target audience comprises active males and females from 20 to 40. This website helps them to support their hobbies, provide insight on how they can spend their leisure time, find ideas for decorating houses and provide advice on keeping fit and healthy. The female audience is traditionally keen to have an opportunity to look through all options, and this website allows them to compare various product offers and price ranges which they can discuss with their connections. The male audience will be able to upload vehicle and innovative gadget images and share opinions with friends as we have seen they typically like to do.

Pinme.ru represents a distinctive service on the Russian internet, incorporating the use of image banks, social networks and bookmark folders. Its mission is to join people together through the innovative technique of information exchange which will source visitors’ inspiration for new ideas in various life domains.

The seed investment accumulated by Fast Lane Ventures and other international investors is €1 million. The overall volume of attracted finance is expected to reach €5 million.

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