What we do

Fastlane Ventures is an investment company which specializes in creating and developing successful online businesses based on an extremely successful business model which is unique in Russia. This model has also proved to be effective in the world market.

We back our portfolio of companies in developing, launching and promoting the business. To achieve these goals we involve class Internet savvy professionals in our projects high and provide all the necessary investment. Fastlane Ventures creates unique operational systems based on the best Western practices.

The company was created in 2010 by a team of serial entrepreneurs with extensive and extremely profitable investment experience in Russia and CIS countries. Among the many successful projects of our founders, there is Ozone, KupiVip, Otto Group in Russia, Rusfinance Bank, Linzmaster and others. By 2011 Forbes had already placed Fastlane Ventures in second place among the biggest investors in Russia. Currently, the total amount of investment involving Fastlane Ventures, and its associated companies, amounts to around 100 million dollars (US).

Our key strategic partners are Direct Group, e.ventures, VTB Capital and Kenes Rakishev. Also, Russian and international investors include Intel Capital, Kinnevik, ru-Net, UMJ Russia, Prostor Capital, Runa Capital, Paradigm Investments, Russia Partners and others.

How we do it

When we launch new companies, we learn from successful business models which exist in different markets of the world and which, until now, are not present in Russia. We adapt them to Russian environment.

We have experts in all major spheres of Internet business. Unlike traditional venture capitalists, Fastlane Ventures not only invests its own funds into implementing prospective ideas, but also organizes all the processes involved in creating businesses from the ground up. Fastlane Ventures is simultaneously an investing and operational partner. It provides companies with financial organizational and managerial support at every different development stage.

We are searching for, and inviting young entrepreneurs to build a really big and successful business together. We give them investment for start-up and quality operational support, provide expert evaluation and a wealth of experience which will help avoid common pitfalls early on.

By using practically proven schemes and approaches, we eliminate most of the risks threatening young Internet companies, and we help to create a stable business that has everything it will need to become an undoubted leader in the market place.

Quick facts
  • Founded in 2010
  • Located in Moscow
  • Total investment of about US $100 mln raised
  • 20 online companies already launched