Relevant Media, the Owner of Russian “How-to” Portal Raises $1,4 Million

Natasha Starkell, 24.04.2014

There are many content websites out there that offer advice on how to do stuff. It is and Wikihow to mention a couple of older websites.  You put a request into a Google about how to do anything, and the answer pops up. Then there is a newer breed – Coursera – that is more about education than a handy advice, as the mobile-only how-to guides such as get traction.

In Russia such advice-offering website is, owned by Relevant Media. The company, which claims to see 18 million unique visitors each month has just raised $1,4 million from a group of private investors to expand build its own social network, develop more content and a mobile app. So far there are over 250,000 how-to guides available on Kakprosto.

What Kakprosto intends to do is to build on the trend of so called “exchange of life experience” but structure it so that people who are real experts in their field can share their knowledge and offer advice to those seeking it. The company also notes that 20 percent of the visitors access the website from a mobile device, so the some of the new funding will go to develop a mobile app.


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